"Working with Kevin and his team was an absolute dream. They were so professional in every aspect and prompt with every email. Deadlines were always met with our exact vision in mind. To say we were impressed with the work Fair North Digital produced is an understatement. If you’re looking for a website redesign, I wouldn’t blink twice before recommending them!”
— Sarah Wilson, Office Manager, Criminal

About the Client

Criminal is an award winning commercial production company based in San Francisco. They produce excellent broadcast and social media advertising for some of the biggest brands around.

We had done work for Criminal's earlier website through one of our agency partnerships. In 2018, with the blessing of our agency partner, we had the opportunity to work directly with Criminal on a complete refresh of their website.

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Criminal Website Redesign

The primary objective of the website was to create an online presence for Criminal that reflected the professionalism and stature of the brand that they've worked hard to establish.

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Site Redesign

We were tasked with a site redesign that borrowed inspiration from 1970s-style advertisements and font treatments, so we focused on creating a non-traditional look while maintaining a clear interface that's easy to use. Bold and stylish text overlays were added to Criminal's beautiful full-screen videos, and retro font treatments were adapted into an overall modern style.

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Mobile First

The Criminal website was designed with a mobile-first mindset. The site looks good and performs well on devices of all sizes.

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