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“Kevin and his team make digital communication easy. They take care of the tech so that we can focus on content. Whether it’s website development, membership management, or content communication, Fair North Digital offers cost-effective technology solutions that are easy for us to manage. Kevin and his team are pro-active and always go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. They take a personal interest in our work - and it shows! “
— Patricia McMahon - Coordinator, Oral History Program

About the Client

The Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History publishes books on Canadian legal history, and creates and preserves an oral history archive. They have published more than 100 books and recorded more than 600 oral histories.

Fair North Digital began by redesigning their website a few years ago, and has gone on to assist the Society with cataloging their data and modernizing their member management processes. We've become a close partner in helping them operate their organization in an efficient manner.


Site redesign and build

We based the website design on a commercial website theme that was designed for museums and institutions. The design was fully adapted for the Osgoode Society's needs and branded accordingly.

Adopting this approach allowed us to allocate a greater proportion of the site budget to information architecture and data handling. We were able to combine data from a variety of sources and aggregate them into a nicely organized and easily searched website.

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Modernize Member Management

We recently sourced and implemented a new member management platform to replace an old legacy system. Doing so modernized the process and made the workflow more efficient. This allowed the Osgoode Society to be more focused on driving membership renewal and growth.
  • Modern Data Management
  • Access Via the Cloud
  • Easier Renewals
  • Greater Member Retention

Cataloging Oral Histories

Oral histories begin as audio recordings of interviews. Over nearly two decades, these files, the associated transcripts and the associated meta data had become somewhat cumbersome and difficult to manage.

Fair North Digital sourced and configured a cloud-based solution for managing this data in a simple, organized and secure manner. Meta data, and in some cases full transcripts, are fed directly to the society's website. This means that making updates and maintaining the data is efficient and easy. It also means that important data is shared with the society's members more quickly and in greater detail.

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